Viktor Axelsen: Career, Wife, Racket, Child & Net Worth

Having the best looks doesn’t give you everything in life. A person with amazing looks, incredible talent, and hard work is a rarity these days.

Well, Viktor Axelsen is one of those few personalities who has all three of those qualities. Viktor Axelsen is a professional tennis player from Denmark.

He has ranked number one in the men’s badminton rankings on 28 September 2017. Moreover, he is loved by Chinese fans as he can speak Mandarin perfectly. 

He is in a long-term relationship with his fabulous girlfriend, Natalia Koch Rohde. Currently, he lives in Valby, Copenhagen, with his beautiful wife and adorable daughter. 

Furthermore, the Danish badminton player has beat former world number one men’s badminton player Lin Dan.

Currently, he ranks as the number two badminton player of the world, behind Kento Momota. 

As we head on to learn about the career, net worth, and other aspects of Viktor’s life, let’s take a looks at some quick facts before proceeding further. 

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1 Quick Facts:2 Viktor Axelsen | Early Life, Family & Education 2.1 Early Steps into Badminton3 What is Viktor Axelsen’s age? Age, Height & Physical Appearance 4 Viktor Axelsen | Professional Life 4.1 Early Career4.2 Career Victories4.3 Awards & Achievements 4.4 Equipment 4.5 Coach B.S Christiansen 5 Personal Life of Viktor Axelsen 5.1 Multi-lingual Axelsen5.2 Viktor Axelsen Collection 6 What is Viktor Axelsen’s Net Worth? Net Worth & Salary7 Who is Viktor Axelsen’s wife? Girlfriend & Kids8 Does Viktor Axelsen use Social Media? Social Media Presence 9 Some FAQs:9.1 What is Viktor Axelsen’s fastest smash?9.2 Who is the coach of Viktor Axelsen?9.3 Is Viktor Axelsen Chinese? 9.4 Who won a bronze medal in Badminton Men’s singles at the 2016 Olympics?9.5 Who is Viktor Axelsen’s wife? 9.6 What is Viktor Axelsen’s highest ranking?9.7 Is Viktor Axelsen in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?9.8 Which badminton racket does Viktor Axelsen use?9.9 Did Viktor Axelsen win the All England Open 2020?9.10 Did Axelsen win a gold medal in the 2021 European Championships?9.11 When is Viktor Axelsen’s next match in the 2020 Olympics?

Quick Facts:

Full Name Viktor Axelsen
Birth Date 4 January 1994
Birth Place Odense, Denmark
Age 28years old
Nickname Axelsen
Religion Unknown
Nationality Danish
Education Unknown
Horoscope Capricorn
Father’s Name Henrik Axelsen
Mother’s Name Gitte Lundager
Siblings One sister: Johanne Axelsen
Height 6 feet and 4 inches
Weight 88 kg
Build Lean & Athletic
Shoe Size 47
Eye Color Light Blue
Hair Color Light Brown
Relationship Status In a relationship
Girlfriend Natalia Koch Rohde
Children Vega Axelsen
Profession Professional Badminton Player
Highest Ranking 1st (28 September 2017)
Current Ranking 2nd (23 March 2021)
Handedness Right-handed
Coach B.S Christiansen 
Net Worth $1 to $5 million 
Awards and Achievements 2016 Rio De Janeiro – Bronze Medal 

2017 Glasglow World Championships- Gold Medal 

2016 Thomas Cup – Gold Medal

Social Media Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Weibo
Last Update February, 2022

Viktor Axelsen | Early Life, Family & Education 

Viktor Axelsen was born on 4 January 1994 in Odense, Denmark. He was born in Odense to his parents, Henrik Axelsen (father) and Gitte Lundager (mother.) 

Furthermore, Axelsen has a younger sister, Johanne Axelsen. His sister is two years younger than him.

Axelsen’s father used to run a small advertising agency for a few years. However, he is now his son’s manager and manages his son’s badminton and other affairs.

Similarly, his mother owns a shop in central Odense. Her shop specializes in woman’s beauty items and services. 

Early Steps into Badminton

Axelsen’s talent with the bat was obvious from a very young age. His kindergarten teachers have revealed that Axelsen was extremely skillful with hitting a flying ball with a bat. 

So, how did Viktor Axelsen first got introduced to badminton? When Viktor was six years old, his father introduced him to badminton and took him to the Odense badminton club.

Likewise, Axelsen enrolled in the Odense badminton club at 6 years of age. However, later on, Viktor’s parents divorced and separated.

Axelsen continued living with his father after the divorce. To bolster his badminton career, Axelsen began living all by himself in Copenhagen.

He made the big move at 17 and joined the national team. Furthermore, after moving to Copenhagen, Axelsen received a lot of opportunities. 

What is Viktor Axelsen’s age? Age, Height & Physical Appearance 

Viktor Axelsen was born on 4 January 1994. Currently, he is 28 years old. As Axelsen was born on the 4th of January, his zodiac sign is Capricorn.

A person with Capricorn as their zodiac sign is known to be extremely adaptable, charming, and hardworking. 

With regards to Axelsen’s height, he has a spectacular height of 6 feet and 4 inches. His perfect tall height gives him dominance in the badminton court. Moreover, he weighs 88 kg. 

Likewise, Axelsen has a slim and athletic body build. Despite his tall height, he can make quick dashes all over the court. 

Viktor Axelsen | Professional Life 

Axelsen’s badminton career began when he was only six years old. His father, Henrik, introduced him to the great sport.

Naturally, Axelsen was perfectly compatible with the bat and ball from his kindergarten years. 

Axelsen enrolled in the Odense badminton club after the initiation of his father. Furthermore, Axelsen played impressively from a tender age. 

At only 10 years of age, the Odense badminton club named him the 2004 Player of the Year. This feat at such a young age shows Axelsen’s incredible talent. 

Early Career

During his junior years, Axelsen won the national junior event. Furthermore, he stood victorious in the boys’ singles and doubles events in 2006 and 2008.

Likewise, he successfully bagged the gold medal at the 2009 German Junior. Furthermore, Axelsen debuted for the Danish national team in 2009.

He played in the Denmark Open and was only 16 years old during the time of his debut. The Dane made a big move to Valby in Copenhagen in 2012.

His reason for the move was to train in the Brondby elite center. Likewise, Axelsen wanted to improve his playing skills and abilities.

Axelsen’s first Grand Prix title came in 2014. He won his first title at the Swiss Open. Likewise, he stood victorious in the Swiss Open by beating China’s Tian Houwei. 

Similarly, the 2014 year ended for Axelsen with bronze medals at the 2014 BWF World Championships and 2014 European Badminton Championships. 

Career Victories

Axelsen’s professional career went uphill after 2014. He was a part of the Danish winning team that won the European Mixed Team Championship. 

The right-handed badminton player got his first European Championship in 2016. Likewise, Axelsen stood victorious by beating Jan Jorgensen in La Roche-sur-Yon, France. 

Furthermore, Axelsen was also a part of the Thomas Cup-winning team in 2016. He helped the team by winning five of his six matches.

The historic Thomas Cup win was the first time Denmark had won the Thomas Cup. Axelsen had also reached the semi-finals of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

He had reached the semi-finals by beating British badminton player Rajiv Ouseph. However, a defeat to Chen Long led Axelsen to play for the bronze medal. 

Nevertheless, Axelsen showed his qualities in the bronze medal by beating Lin Dan. Lin Dan is considered as one of the best badminton players alongside Lee Chong Wei. 

Awards & Achievements 

Moving forward, Axelsen’s dominance continued in several competitions. His rivalry with Lin Dan took a new turn as they faced each other in the final match of the World Championship in Glasglow.

In the final match, Axelsen stood victorious and set his name on the top of the world. As a result of the victory over Lin Dan, Axelsen became the World Champion.

The favorable result propelled him to the number one rank in the BWF World Rankings. However, later in 2018, Axelsen failed to defend his title.

He lost the quarter-finals of the 2018 World Championship to Cheng Long. In 2020, Axelsen won one of the most prestigious badminton tournaments, the All England Open.

Likewise, he became the first-ever European and Danish player to win the tournament after 1999. In his overall career, Axelsen has had 389 career wins to his name. 


The badminton equipment and accessories play a great role in providing a good experience for a badminton player. So, what equipment does Axelsen use? 

Viktor Axelsen uses an Arcsaber 11 3UG4 as his primary racket.

Furthermore, the Yonex Arcsaber has amazing reviews and is listed for $300. The racket delivers great power and speed. 

Coach B.S Christiansen 

Axelsen is coached by B.S Christiansen. Similarly, he credits Christiansen for his on-the-field and off-the-field achievements and developments.

Christiansen has helped Axelsen improve mentally and become the best version of himself. 

B.S Christiansen is a mental coach, T.V host, author, expedition leader, speaker, electrician, diver, pilot, and photographer. 

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Personal Life of Viktor Axelsen 

Multi-lingual Axelsen

Did you know Axelsen can speak three languages? Besides speaking Danish, Axelsen is a fluent speaker of English and Mandarin.

Axelsen’s Mandarin comes to great use in communicating with Chinese players like Chen Long and Lin Dan. 

Moreover, after beating Lin Dan in the 2016 Olympics bronze medal match, Axelsen gave China Central Television an interview in perfect Mandarin.

The interview made him an overnight sensation in China. He successfully won the hearts of millions of Chinese fans. 

His reason for learning Mandarin was to communicate with the Chinese players on the court.

Also, he wanted to learn something from them. Likewise, his acquisition of the language has helped him bag some sponsorship and event deals. 

Viktor Axelsen Collection 

Axelsen is a popular figure in the world of badminton. As a result, thousands of fans crave to wear merchandise or buy memorabilia of his name. 

Due to high demand regarding his merchandise, Axelsen released his own webshop. The webshop is called Viktor Axelsen Collection. 

Likewise, his fans can buy clothing items, accessories, toys, cycles, and toys. Furthermore, his fans can also buy his yearbook, biography, and autobiography. 

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What is Viktor Axelsen’s Net Worth? Net Worth & Salary

Viktor Axelsen has accumulated his net worth through his playing career. Furthermore, he has won prize money by winning several tournaments and awards.

Likewise, Axelsen has his own online shop. He sells his personal merchandise that includes clothing items, accessories, books, cycles, and caps.

So, he has gathered a big chunk of his net worth through the online store. According to online sources, Viktor Axelsen has a net worth between $1 to $5 million. 

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Who is Viktor Axelsen’s wife? Girlfriend & Kids

Currently, Axelsen has a family of his own. So, who is his wife? Let’s find out. 

Viktor Axelsen is in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Natalia Koch Rohde. She is also a professional Danish badminton player.

Together, they have a beautiful daughter, Vega. Viktor announced the birth of their daughter on his Instagram on April 24, 2020.

Vega Axelsen was born on 15 Ocotber 2020. The adorable daughter is growing rapidly and is winning the hearts of all the fans. 

Natalia Koch Rohde was born on 1 August 1995 in Gentofte Municipality. She has a perfect height of 5 feet and 11 inches that suits perfectly with her appearance. 

Furthermore, Natalia has represented the national team on numerous occasions. She has faced world champions like Carolina Manin and Olga Kanon. 

Likewise, her highest ranking is 35. She achieved the ranking on 15 June 2017.

Similarly, she currently ranks 198th. After making her debut in 2010, Natalia has won several trophies and prizes.

She is the winner of the 2016 Czech International, 2015 Italian International, 2015 Eurasia Bulgaria International, and 2015 Orleans International. 

Furthermore, she also played for the Danish women’s badminton team. As a Dane, she won the 2017 Lubin, 2018 Kazan, 2016 Kazan in the mixed team and woman’s team formats. 

You can find the latest news, results, live scores, fixtures, draws, and next match details of Viktor Axelsen on the Flashscore website.

Does Viktor Axelsen use Social Media? Social Media Presence 

Yes, Viktor Axelsen uses social media. Furthermore, he is a popular personality on social media and boasts a large following.

Similarly, you can find him active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Axelsen loves posting pictures of himself and his family on his social media feed.

His Instagram feed is filled with pictures of his matches, wife, daughter, coach, and other trips. 

Furthermore, Axelsen tweets and re-tweet a lot about badminton. Likewise, he loves sharing his views and opinions on various topics. 

As Axelsen is a big fan of the Mandarin language and loves the Chinese culture, he also uses the China micro-blogging website Weibo. Weibo is the biggest Chinese social media. 

He has over 845k followers on the platform. Furthermore, his username on the website is ‘An Sai Long.’ This nickname was given to him by a Chinese user. 

Along with having all these social media accounts, Axelsen is also a YouTuber. He has over 119k subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Similarly, the player posts vlogs, exercise tutorials, commentary, questions/answers, and several other types of videos. 

You can follow him on his social media accounts from the following links. 

@viktoraxelsen (Instagram) – 398k followers 

@ViktorAxelsen (Twitter) – 36.4k followers

Viktor Axelsen (Facebook) – 148k followers

Viktor Axelsen (YouTube) – 119k subscribers

ViktorAxelsen (Weibo) – 845k followers

Some FAQs:

What is Viktor Axelsen’s fastest smash?

Viktor Axelsen fastest badminton smash is 404 kmph.

Who is the coach of Viktor Axelsen?

Bjarne Slot ‘BS’ Christiansen is the coach of Viktor Axelsen.

Is Viktor Axelsen Chinese? 

Despite knowing Mandarin excellently, Axelsen is not Chinese. His fluency in Mandarin comes from his passion for learning the language and his love for Chinese culture. 

Who won a bronze medal in Badminton Men’s singles at the 2016 Olympics?

Viktor Axelsen won a bronze medal in Badminton Men’s singles at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Who is Viktor Axelsen’s wife? 

Viktor Axelsen is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Natalia Koch Rohde. 

What is Viktor Axelsen’s highest ranking?

Viktor Axelsen was ranked as world number #1 at the BWF ranking on 28 September 2017. It is considered the highest-ranking of Viktor.

Is Viktor Axelsen in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

Yes, Viktor Axelsen is competing at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in Badminton Men’s singles.

Which badminton racket does Viktor Axelsen use?

Viktor Axelsen is seen using Yonex Duora Z Strike, Yonex Astrox 100ZZ, Yonex Astrox 88S, and Yonex Arcsaber 11 badminton rackets.

Did Viktor Axelsen win the All England Open 2020?

Yes, Viktor Axelsen won the prestigious All England Open 2020 tournament in March 2020. By winning the title, he also made the history as the first European and Danish to lift the men’s singles trophy since 1999.

Did Axelsen win a gold medal in the 2021 European Championships?

Yes, Axelsen competed at the European Mixed Team Championships in Finland and helped his team win the gold medal.

When is Viktor Axelsen’s next match in the 2020 Olympics?

Viktor Axelsen, next match is against Chinese badminton player Shi Yuqi on 31 July 2021 in the 2020 Olympics.

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