Top 15 Best Center in NFL this Season

You have probably heard about quarterbacks and guards in NFL. But did you know that the center is one of the most critical roles in the NFL? Furthermore, were you aware that teams build their offense around their center?

Not to mention, the position is assigned to professionals that can make split-second decisions. So, stick around to find out more as we discuss the Top 15 Best Center in NFL 2022 Season. 

Tasked with making snaps and calling shots, the center is one of the most critical positions in the NFL. While hugely underrated, the role of the center could make or break a team.

So, without further ado, let’s look at the Top 15 Best Center in the NFL 2022 Season.

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1 Top 15 Best Center in NFL 2022 Season1.1 15. Mitch Morse1.2 14. Matt Paradis1.3 13. Alex Mack1.4 12. David Andrews1.5 11. Ryan Jensen1.6 10. Chase Roullier1.7 9. Ryan Kelly1.8 8. Erik McCoy1.9 7. Ben Jones1.10 6. Brandon Linder1.11 5. Jason Kelce1.12 4. J.C. Tretter1.13 3. Frank Ragnow1.14 2. Corey Linsley1.15 1. Rodney Hudson2 Conclusion

Top 15 Best Center in NFL 2022 Season

The following list is compiled from various sources around the web, such as ESPN, & Sportskeeda.

Before diving in, let’s first look at a sneak-peek of the Top 15 Best Center in the NFL 2022 Season.

Name Team
15. Mitch Morse Buffalo Bills
14. Matt Paradis Carolina Panthers
13. Alex Mack San Francisco 49ers
12. David Andrews New England Patriots
11. Ryan Jensen Tampa Bay Buccaneers
10. Chase Roullier Washington Football Team
9. Ryan Kelly Indianapolis Colts
8. Erik Mccoy New Orleans Saints
7. Ben Jones Tennessee Titans
6. Brandon Linder Jacksonville Jaguars
5. Jason Kelce Philadelphia Eagles
4. J.C Tretter Cleveland Browns
3. Frank Ragnow Detroit Lions
2. Corey Linsley Los Angeles Chargers
1. Rodney Hudson Arizona Cardinals

15. Mitch Morse

Starting off our list, Mitch Morse is an American center who plays for the Buffalo Bills. Moreover, Morse is one of the best pass protectors of all time. 

Furthermore, the 29 years football center is a grade above 70 in his NFL career. Additionally, Morse has never been graded below 70.0 in a single season during his six years in the NFL.

However, the Texas-born center falls short as a run blocker as he has never been graded above 70.0. Meanwhile, Morse had a stellar outing last season, circulating and distributing passes with ease and finesse across the field.

As a result, the Buffalo Bills recorded the second-highest successful pass rate in the NFL.

14. Matt Paradis

Matt Paradis is an American-born center who currently plays for the Carolina Panthers. Moreover, a true athlete in his prime, Paradis has shown his prowess time and again.

What’s more, Matt was regarded as one of the best centers when he played for Denver. While he is yet to live up to his billing for the Panthers, one can only hope he regains his form sooner rather than later.

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13. Alex Mack

Javon Alexander Mack, or Alex Mack, is an American center who plays for the San Fransisco 49ers.

A true testament to sheer hard work and skill, Mack has proven himself throughout his career. Furthermore, the 36-year-old would have ranked higher on the list but for his age and expected decline.

However, it is not to say that Mack won’t perform at the highest level. Moreover, the LA-born center has defied his naysayers repeatedly, cranking out top-notch performances every time.

Also, Mack had an impressive 2016 season where he recorded a 90.9 run-blocking grade. Not to mention, his excellent showing meant that he led the run-blocking grade for his position.

12. David Andrews

Moving up the list, David Andrews is an American center who plays for the New England Patriots. Moreover, Andrews is a prime example of shining through adversities.

After suffering from blood clot issues in his lungs, Andrews was ruled out for the 2019 season. However, he was not beaten down for long as he returned for the Patriots in 2020.

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Despite not having his pre-2019 form, the 29-year-old performed admirably on his return. What’s more, Andrews has been the seventh-most valuable center in the league over the last five seasons.

As a result, it is no surprise that the Patriots are banking on their star-center-man to return to his usual best.

11. Ryan Jensen

Ryan Jensen is an American center who plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Moreover, the 30-year-old is considered one of the best centers in the NFL.

An enforcer on the field, Jensen regularly finds opportunities to play his man to the ground. Similarly, this is reflected in his top-five run-blocking grade on gap runs over the past two seasons.

Moreover, an elite offensive lineman, Ryan has been the cornerstone for the Buccaneers, who are counting on another stellar season from him.

10. Chase Roullier

Despite the various chops and changes in the team, Chase Roullier has been a constant feature for the Washington Football Team.

Moreover, Roullier had a mesmerizing year, posting a career year. However, he was left disappointed by lackluster team performances.

On the other hand, the Washingtons have been on the constant lookout for a well-gelled team. With Chase improving every year, one can only assume how far the Washingtons will go if the star man from Minnesota finds the perfect balance with his teammates.

9. Ryan Kelly

At number 9 on our list, Ryan Patrick Kelly is an American center who plays for the Indianapolis Colts.

Moreover, a talented center, Kelly has yet to unleash his true potential. Furthermore, his grading profile falls a little short of his league-wide reputation. However, this is not to say that Kelly has been anything short of a true athlete.

Not to mention, 28-year-old is the 11th-most valuable center in the league over the past three seasons. As a result, Kelly became the highest-paid center in the NFL for 2020.

8. Erik McCoy

Born on August 27, 1997, Erik McCoy is an American center who plays for the New Orleans Saints.

Despite a recent debut in 2019, McCoy has shown that he is a force to be reckoned with. Furthermore, the 24-year-old ranked fourth among qualifying centers in his rookie season.

Likewise, Mccoy recorded a 78.0 overall grade, making him the only player to record a 75.0 or higher as a pass protector and run blocker in the position.

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7. Ben Jones

Ben Jones is an American center who plays for the Tennessee Titans. Moreover, a star for the Titans, Jones has been the most consistent player over the last two seasons.

Furthermore, 32-year-old has been a steady option throughout his seven-year NFL career. Not to mention, the Alabama-born center has recorded grades between 69.4 and 74.7 in each year of his career.

What’s more, Jones had his best PFF ratings over the last two years. Additionally, he made quite an impact on 2020. No center in the league reigned above Jones as he had the higher percentage of the run blocks grade.

6. Brandon Linder

Coming in at number 6, Brandon Linder is an American center who plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

While the Jaguars and Linder didn’t have the best outing in 2020, the 30-year-old remains one of the best centers the league has seen.

Moreover, with a mighty 87.4 PFF grade, Brandon has cemented himself as one of the best in the league.

5. Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce is an American center who plays for the Philidhapia Eagles. Moreover, the 34-year-old is a jack of all trades.

Despite being known as a run blocker, Kelce has out-graded as a pass protector than as a run blocker. However, it is because he has been one of the best run-blocking centers in the NFL.

On the other hand, Jason has been a rock in an ever-fluctuating Eagles offensive line. Furthermore, with a strong showing in the 2020 season, Kelce has further solidified his spot.

Not to mention, the Ohio-born star posted a grade of 79.0 as a run blocker last season. Furthermore, the impressive grade ensured a top-five mark in his position.

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4. J.C. Tretter

Joseph Carl “JC” Tretter Jr. or J.C Tretter is an American center who plays for the Cleveland Browns. 

Moreover, widely known for his dominant pass protection, Tretter is one the best the sport has seen. Furthermore, 30-year-old has recorded pass-blocking grades above 80.0 in six consecutive seasons.

Additionally, Tretter had a stellar season with the Browns, recording a career-high run-blocking grade of 76.5.

3. Frank Ragnow

Entering the top 3, Frank Ragnow is an American center who plays for the Detroit Lions.

Despite having a shaky start in his rookie season with the Lions, Ragnow has steadily risen to his potential. Not to mention, part of his dismal performances can be credited to him playing off-position in the left guard.

However, after moving to the center, the 25-year-old has dished out top-tier performances.

Furthermore, Ragnow ranked third among all qualifying centers with an overall grade of 80.3 overall grade. As a result, the talented center bagged a record-breaking contract this offseason, entering into his fourth season in the NFL.

Lastly, with promising performances under his belt, the sky is the limit for the center-star of the Lions.

2. Corey Linsley

Born on July 27, 1991, Corey Linsley is an American center who plays for the Los Angeles Chargers. 

After being one of the Linsley best offensive linemen available in free agency, Linsley was snapped up by the Chargers. Furthermore, as the LA-based team looks to restructure their offensive lineup, Linsley offers a much-needed boost for them.

Moreover, the 30-year-old is on red hot form as he recorded the highest PFF grade of his career. Not to mention, Linsley also got a first-team All-Pro nod this past season.

Furthermore, the Ohio-born athlete has graded out in the 80th percentile or higher in pass-blocking grade on zone run-blocking and true pass sets.

1. Rodney Hudson

Topping the list, Rodney Hudson is an American center who plays for the Arizona Cardinals. Moreover, a master at his craft, Hudson oozes class and finesse on the pitch.

Furthermore, 32-year-old is miles ahead of his competition in terms of pass-protecting over the last decade.

Additionally, Hudson has cemented himself in the top five spots for the highest pass-blocking grades for centers since 2015.

Despite stepping back from his usual role, the Alabama-born star managed to end the year as the seventh-highest-graded center in the league.


NFL is a sport of power, strength, speed, and grit. However, the matches are won or lost because of intricate details – on which the Center plays a vital role. 

Lastly, with such a crucial role on their shoulders, the above-mentioned players come out flying for their respective teams, establishing themselves as the Top 15 Best Center in NFL 2022 Season.