How I Met Your Father spoilers: Paget Brewster to appear!

For reasons unknown, this week has ended up incredible for every individual who loves Criminal Minds and its cast!

Two or three days prior, the news previously arose that the one-time CBS hit might in any case actually be resuscitated over at Paramount+. Nothing is 100 percent official right now, however we’re happy, but still guarded that something will occur here. All things considered, recall that Criminal Minds stays one of the most-famous streaming shows out there.

Presently, we have something else to share with regards to the lady behind Emily Prentiss in Paget Brewster. As per another report from TVLine, Paget will show up on Tuesday’s all-new episode of How I Met Your Father as Lori, mother to Hilary Duff’s lead character of Sophie. This episode is named “The Good Mom,” yet there could be a smidgen of incongruity to that. We know currently that Sophie had a troublesome youth, and frequently wound up moving around to better places with her mom and a portion of her sweethearts throughout the long term.

We realize that Paget has no issue flaunting her comedic side – we actually recall her job as Frankie on Community affectionately, and that is without referencing her different jobs on Mom, Another Period, or Grandfathered (which featured Josh Peck, who is additionally repeating on How I Met Your Father). Since such a great deal this series is Sophie’s story, we will quite often envision that we’ll be seeing essentially one more appearance or two from Paget some place down the line, regardless of whether nothing is out and out affirmed on that right now.

We have rather partaken in the updates rendition of How I Met Your Mother up to this point, particularly in that they’ve attempted to guide away from doing likewise EXACT thing as the first. For instance, obviously more seasoned Sophie isn’t hitched in the blaze advances, so there’s no assurance that she’s even still near the dad.