Harvey Haddix Bio: Stats, Family, No Hitter & Death

As there’s still a lot of debate between doing what you love or love what you do, only a few get to do what they love. In the professional career of players, there’s also a case of fame that is not a motive for all of us.

Likewise, here is a baseball idol Harvey Haddix, who didn’t really care about his fame despite being a pro player.

Additionally, Harvey has been in the eye of so many audiences, desperately waiting for his one glance at or outside the baseball field. Still, Harvey, the one, always focused only on the game.

Moreover, a perfect gamer or scorer, Harvey was so much into farming. 

Similarly, researching more about Harvey, let us see quick facts right now. 

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1 Quick Facts2 Harvey Haddix | Personal Life & Family 3 Harvey Haddix | Early days in baseball4 Harvey Haddix | Career4.1 Harvey Haddix Career Stats5 Harvey Haddix | Achievements6 Harvey Haddix | Injury7 Harvey Haddix | The Fame8 Harvey Haddix | Net Worth & Salary 9 Common Queries (FAQs)9.1 For which clubs, Harvey Haddix has played for?9.2 Has Harvey Haddix ever served as Coach?9.3 How much could be the height of Harvey Haddix?

Quick Facts

Full Name Harvey Haddix Jr. 
Known as Harvey Haddix
Nickname The Kitten
Birth Date September 18, 1925
Birth Place Springfield, Ohio, United States
Residence Springfield, Ohio
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Education Catawba High School, South Vienna, Ohio
Horoscope Virgo
Father’s Name Harvey Haddix
Mother’s Name Nellie Mae Greider Haddix
Siblings 3 (Ed, Ben, and Fed)
Age 96 years old
Died January 8, 1994
Height 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm)
Weight 77 kg (170 lb)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark brown
Body type Athletic
Profession Baseball Player
Marital Status Married
Spouse Marcia Haddix
Children 3
Name of Children Teri, Ann, and Harvey
Beginning of Professional Career 1952
Retirement 1965
Playing style Left-handed
Sports team Pittsburgh Pirates team
Coach N/A
Honors 3x All-Star, 3x Gold Glove
Victory N/A
Net Worth $1.5 million-$5 million
Prize Money N/A
Position Pitcher
Merch Signed NL Ball, Autographed Slabbes Card, Bobblehead
Last Update February, 2022

Harvey Haddix | Personal Life & Family 

This extraordinary pitcher Harvey Haddix was born on 18th September 1925 in Medway, Ohio, and died on 8th January 1994 at Springfield, Ohio.

Similarly, Harvey was the third son of Harvey Haddix, Sr. and Nellie Mae Greider Haddix. Also, the Haddix family were farmers near Westville, in west-central Ohio.

Earlier, their life on the farm was so typical as there was nothing for them to play. Harvey just had his two older brothers Ed and Ben, and a younger brother Fed.

Additionally, in the name of baseball, they used to play two on each side, inventing their first glove using leather horsecollar.

In 1940, Harvey got to join a high school near South Vienna, Ohio, is Catawba High School. Since there’s a successful baseball team loaded, including his own brother Ben. 

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Harvey Haddix | Early days in baseball

Just as Harvey joined Catawba High School to get more about baseball, there still lacked equipment like spikes for him to be on the team.

In fact, he punched holes at the bottom of his shoes and riveted cleats on the bottom for the team.

Accordingly, as Harvey became senior, he took over the pitching chores and led his team to win the country championship.

Besides all, his own family motivated him since his father was already a renowned amateur pitcher.

His brother Ben played minor-league baseball for the local Springfield Cardinals, a class C Middle Atlantic League club by Walter Alston.

Subsequently, Harvey graduated and was pitching semi-pro, then a scout from Philadelphia Athletics offered to write Connie Mack about him.

Up until two weeks, there was nothing to hear about. But instead, Haddix got an article about Redbird tryouts in Columbus.

Accordingly, for the tryout process, Harvey attended there from 9 until 4 in the afternoon, including the other 350 kids. On another day,

Harvey was called to give three to four curveballs and fastballs and instantly there he got offer to sign in.

But thoughtfully, Harvey thought about the guy from home since he was the one to recognize him first. So, Harvey went back to Columbus and signed with the Cardinals.

Consequently, Harvey went there and took a two-week trip with the Columbus baseball club.

Just as Harvey turned 18, he had to leave the trip in Louisville and return to Springfield to register for the draft.

Harvey Haddix | Career

As Harvey was just about to start his career, World War II came up. Eventually, that made him wait for three years, and in those days, being a farmer, his only employment was farming.

After the war ended, Columbus was about to send him far away from home, but he denied it. 

Meanwhile, he was sent to Winston-Salem of the class C Caroline League where he met Lynchburg, Virginia.

From there, Harvey got to pitch a seven-inning no-hitter adding a nine-inning one-hitter and 19 strikeout game.

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Later, Harvey played for Triple-A ball for three years until 1950. He then thought of being back with the Cardinals but got rejected since there were already other five good left-handed pitchers.

Further collecting lots of experiences, Harvey got to play from different teams such as Red Birds, Milwaukee Brewers, Batters, Fort Dix, St Louis, etc.

Harvey Haddix Career Stats

The game that happened on 26th May was so much uncommon to happen usually. On this day, the Pirates’ lefty was so much perfect for 12 innings against the Braves.

Teams were defending the National League champs. There, the lineup included the Hall of Famers Eddie Mathews and Hank Aaron.

This specific 12 innings by Harvey Haddix was so perfect that it was thirty-six up and thirty-six downs. But the error that occurred in the 12 turned into an IBB to Aaron turning into an HR.

The pitching was so perfect that it made people remember this day as ‘Harvey Haddix Day.’

However, there were some to say, Harvey’s play was the second most famous perfect game. But later, Braves pitcher admitted the steal sign from the Pirates that barely mattered. 

Harvey Haddix | Achievements

Cardinal, Harvey got selected as a league all-star, the left-handed pitcher of the year, the year’s rookie, and the most valuable year – (1943, Lynchburg, Virginia).

Later won 13 games for Red Birds and selected as an all-star (1949), 18 wins, and another all-star selection including fastball and slider (1950)

Once, Haddix even won a box of cigars for winning three pitcher’s batting awards for collecting the most hits, scoring the most runs, and stealing the most bases.

Additionally, Haddix became second to the Dodgers’ Jim Gilliam for Rookie of the Year.

Further, Haddix won three new suits from the same Stanky who challenged Hiaddix pitchers to pitch the complete games with no walks.

And back again in 1954, he ranked among the elite National League pitchers.

Simultaneously, Harvey received ‘Gold Glove Awards’ thrice for his fielding and winning ten games in a row.

Harvey Haddix | Injury

Just after the game of 1954, Haddix was selected for a National League All-Star.

Later, he had to be replaced on the team because of a small injury. Haddix was struck below the right kneecap by a line drive off someone’s bat. And that someone was Joe Adcock, Milwaukee’s first baseman.

For instance, the injury might seem minor, but meanwhile, it somehow bothered Haddix. The injury affected his pitching style, and he did not have the same spring off the mound.

Despite being injured, Haddix won 12 games and the other six games the rest of the season but not as he preferred.

Finally, the next season, Harvey concluded to be out of injury, and there’s no trouble during the hunting season.

Harvey Haddix | The Fame

Harvey kept on remarking on people’s vision of his pitching as he played more games. 

According to Harvey’s wife, Marcia Haddix, Harvey was into baseball because he loved to play. Whatever Harvey did, he did it because of his interest.

Similarly, fans were buying his signed baseballs and jerseys. Moreover, they were selling and buying them at a high price, but Harvey was never into it, making a bigger issue.

In fact, Harvey bought a farm for himself. Similarly, it is believed that his best work in the field was to pick up corns.

Likewise, the perfect pitching was not the best part of Harvey’s life but just a part of his career. Harvey has always been the best in the game and always gave his best to win the game.

Harvey Haddix | Net Worth & Salary 

Simultaneously well played, this successful baseball player has earned three straight All-Start games, including three straight Gold Glove Awards.

In the final analysis, Harvey Haddix’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million $5.5 million.

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Common Queries (FAQs)

For which clubs, Harvey Haddix has played for?

Harvey has played professionally in Major League Baseball for the St. Louis Cardinals, Philadelphia Phillies, Cincinnati Reds, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Baltimore Orioles.

Has Harvey Haddix ever served as Coach?

Starting from 1966, Harvey has coached New York Mets, Columbus Jets, GCL Pirates. Similarly, Harddix was also a member of the Cincinnati Reds Staff.

How much could be the height of Harvey Haddix?

While playing for the Cardinals, Harvey was just 5 feet 6 inches that him Payne’s impression of him quite negative.

To sum up, Harvey later grown-up completely to 5 feet and 9 inches that is 175 cm.